Heather Goldner Kinsey, JD, LMFT, RYT wears many hats.  In every aspect of her career (and life!) Heather blends together different aspects of herself, her education, and her experience in order to meet people where they are and offer them guidance to heal and grow into their best selves.

As both a therapist and a former family law attorney, Heather understands the damage that can occur for all family members when there is conflict, separation, or divorce and is aware of the challenges that arise via the legal process. Her practice specializes in clinical issues associated with divorce/separation, infidelity, high-conflict couples, blended families, coparenting, parent-child reunification, and children’s adjustment to divorce and custody arrangements. Heather also offers individual, couples, and family counseling for issues including grief, maintaining healthy relationships, personal development, and premarital counseling.

Heather’s knowledge, training, and background make her uniquely suited to help families transitioning through separation, divorce, and custody challenges. In addition to her specialties in coparent counseling and reunification therapy, she acts as a mediator on family law matters and is trained as a custody evaluator.

As a therapist, Heather strives to help her clients find balance and focus as they navigate all of life’s challenges.  When acting as a mediator, coparent counselor, or custody evaluator, Heather brings together her understanding of the legal process, family systems, and child development to provide comprehensive support to her clients and help them to avoid unnecessary conflict. Heather’s goal is to help her clients stay open to their process, to heal, and to grow into better and healthier individuals, partners, parents, and families.